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Many of our family members share a common love of canal boat holidays stretching back many years, eventually I took the "plunge" so to speak and jointly purchased a share in a new narrowboat. Willoughby was commissioned by OwnerShips Ltd, a company specifically formed to provide narrowboats for shared ownership. She is 58 foot 6 inches in length, was built to a semi-traditional style, has a mid position galley and was put into the water in July 2001. Other family members have since purchased a one twelfth share that came up for sale in the boat.

There are twelve shares and we each share the running costs. Until June 2010 OwnerShips Ltd administered the boat for us including all arrangements for repairs, maintenance, moorings etc but the boat is privately owned solely by the co-owners who retain full financial control. However, OwnerShips got into severe financial difficulties and the company has been be wound up. We are currently managed by BCBM of Audlem and Willoughby is now based at Wigrams Turn Marina near Napton-on-theHill, Warwickshire at the junction of the Grand Union and Oxford Canals. Willoughby had moved down from Nantwich in Cheshire having moved up from Norbury Junction in Shropshire. Previously we have been moored at Heritage Narrowboats on the Macclesfield Canal, Festival Park Marina, Etruria, Staffordshire also on the Trent and Mersey Canal and at it's original base Blue Lias Marina (now known as the Stockton Top Marina) on the Grand Union Canal, Stockton, in Warwickshire.
Pictured here, the "Captain" is busy planning the next cruise. After many years of hiring narrowboats for holidays with ever increasing hire charges, it was a joy to read about the benefits of shared ownership and we needed relatively little persuasion to buy into Willoughby. We now have much more boating time per year with an even better benefit of greatly reduced weekly holiday costs.
"Busy planning the next cruise"
"Busy planning the next cruise"
However at the end of 2014 we took the decision to sell our share in Willoughby and move on to other types of holidays.

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Remind me Daddy, just how difficult is this boating lark?
Remind me Daddy, just how difficult is this boating lark?
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Narrowboat Willoughby
In addition to the one-off share purchase cost we pay an annual management contribution and our share of the annual maintenance costs; these costs are pre-arranged at an owners annual meeting so we are aware in advance of the likely expenses. Our share entitles us to a minimum of three weeks boating per year, allocated on a priority system including an arrangement for three co-owners to have priority over school holiday times; there is an adjustment made to the shared expenses to allow for this privilege. There is an opportunity for additional "spare" weeks boating again on a priority system however there are no additional charges for these weeks.